What is the longest running annual graffiti jam in the world? As far as we know, it is the Drogheda Bridge Jam in Ireland. And this year it celebrated its 25th edition, with 40 artists painting the famous Drogheda Peace Bridge over two solid days.

What was once a just a dream for a young graffiti artist named RASK, has now become a 25 year long, international graffiti institution. On what is now one of the world’s most famous walls. A now slightly older RASK, still wipes off the dust each year to curate and regulate the iconic non-commercial event. See for yourself here.

25 years of graffiti history in the making

Over those 25 years, many pages could be filled with all the internationally renowned guests that have come to empty some Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD on these hallowed walls. This year featured NYC pioneer REE, who started his graffiti career in the 70’s and among other things, is known for painting the first Bodé character on on a NY subway car. And he didn’t disappoint. With a solid crew of fellow foreigners and ample locals, the 2019 Bridge Jam showed once again, quality and quantity.


Images by Karen Smith and Paul Roberts