From black to colorful in the center of Prague

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic is not just an awesome tourist destination. It is also a city booming with graffiti writing talent that is prolific in changing and strengthening the face of graffiti style writing. Both in Europe and globally! With black as the ultimate neutral backgound color, the recent Grafficon Montana Meeting which took place in the city center (in front of the Joystick Club), was testament to the Czech creative pulse that was on show for all to see.


From the afternoon, till the last Montana BLACK cans were emptied, beats played andsausages were grilled in an event that had something for everyone. There was no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to watch local writers explore a wide range of graffiti writing letter styles, with a drink in hand and a good conversation. A fascination that went well beyond just the writing communinty, as people and kids from all walks of life ate, drank, enjoyed, and also painted there way through till the sun went down. Take a look here to see how the Grafficon Montana Meeting 2021 took place.