Let’s take a moment to smile, admire and enjoy. The JUKEBOX COWBOYS, aka JBCB know exactly how to make that happen. While the world is obsessed about what is not going right, the JBCB remind us a little about what is completely OK. And they did that with the help of our good friend, graffiti. On a recent trip to India, a few of the JBCB crew left European soil and flew all the way over to India. Back when it was still allowed. As most of the crew resides in the not so tropical Germany, travelling to India at the time that they did, must of been like going into an early summer. And this led to a string of cool style writing pieces with their names and their crew(s), some funny characters, and some good mood typography with phrases like “Good morning Sunshine”.

The early summer

Completely camouflaged into the local colors, the Montana GOLD and BLACK cans had some local assistance with as much bucket paint as they could manage. With most of the walls being located in the typical Indian landscape (massively populated), it was a given that there would often be crowds to enjoy and cheer on the lads as they brought some cheer to the dirty delapitated walls. All this and a touch of classic tourism to check out the markets, nature and general dynamic Indian flair that the country is famous for.

Take a moment yourself to enjoy the view and see what the boys got up to before they went into isolation.