Blazing up Dettingen

In the city of Dettingen in the region of Karlstein am Main Germany, the local train station Dettingen Bahnhof may seem like an unsuspecting, or an unlikely place for colorful graffiti style writing burners. That is until the Frei Luft Kunst organization (Free Air Art) gets put in the mix and helps unite 40 artists to fill approximately 700 square meters of wall space with color. A little something like to call the Karlstein Jam.

An unsuspecting place for graffiti

What were once boring walls that occupied the spaces in the underpass and leading into the underpasses is now an open-air gallery of fine graffiti style writing.

Faded, filled, rendered, outlined, and highlighted

Montana GOLD and BLACK cans faded, filled, rendered, outlined, and highlighted, as all matter of caps brought the color to its desired location in sharp, soft thin, and thick lines. In the control of every can was the mind and trigger fingers of a long list of talented artists that included Aces, Aliens, Astor, Backer, Baker, Biatsch, Cane, Casom, Cuore, Dejoe, Der Kunstwerker, Doit, Drey, Emty, Flor76, Gündem78, Haus, Hiobs, Honey, Kae, Keam, Keim, Lacy, LessThenHero, Monk, Oreo, Panza, Perm, Retro, Rufos, Sade, Schriftzug, Slevin, Smoke, Speed, Spoare153, Spuk, Syre, Taeger, Timber, Toes, Tuff-Stuff, Uzo, Venom, Yorke, Zine.

Another triumph for graffiti art

It is clear to see that the after images are much more engaging than the before painting images would have been. Another triumph for the power of public art and above all graffiti in the public arena. Take a look for yourself to see what was the Karlstein Jam 2022.

Images by Jörg Udo Kuberek