The art and graffiti destination in Bangkok, Thailand

Once the socks, underpants, money, phone, and passport have been packed before departure, the next location on the to-do list is to find somewhere to buy Montana BLACK and GOLD cans. And if your destination is Bangkok in Thailand, then the KUB Craft Studio is the address for you

MontanaCans available at KUB Craft Studio in Bangkok

By great cans, drink good coffee, get inspired

The KUB Craft Studio is not just a hub for graffiti culture, a gallery space to view and buy artworks, and the destination to buy Montana cans like GOLD and BLACK, it is also the ideal watering hole when it’s time for a coffee or a sketch. A place created by Bangkok’s Youngpray of the T-West crew for the locals and visitors to meet, exchange ideas, create and drink a good coffee in the process. The partnership with KUB marks the return of Montana Cans in Thailand. A return that for the local graffiti and art community commemorates the return of quality and those famous GOLD and BLACK cans that have been missed for so long. Divided into 4 areas, KUB is not just your normal store. The ground floor features a coffee lounge. A portion of the space is handicrafts and a gift shop. And there is also a Montana Cans section with a wide range of GOLD and BLACK cans. The first floor features the exhibition space and a workshop for artists and artisans alike.

MontanaCans available at KUB Craft Studio in Bangkok

Return of the Montana BLACK and GOLD

The KUB Craft Studio is not just a space dedicated to creative professionals. It is a place for graffiti writers, artists, creatives, sub-culturists, locals, and visitors. The vision of the KUB organization is to create a place for a community. A community that is glued together by the roots of graffiti, art making, and creativity in general. And run by people working inside these fields. So when you are next in Bangkok, go visit the KUB Craft Studio!