Mannheim gets visited by the Lads

It’s been a long time since The London Police (TLP) have resided in the town that carries their name, London. Long has Amsterdam been their residence of choice. But this is to the benefit of both TLP and anyone that has the opportunity to see their work as with an open mind and a valid passport, anywhere is possible. The London Police Mural Stadt.Wand.Kunst

The London Police Mural Stadt.Wand.Kunst

The most recent of towns on this little ball we call earth to see the TLP in action was Mannheim, Germany. And thanks to the Stadt.Wand.Kunst (SWK) organisation, the lads had a chance to paint their “LADS” in the flesh. The TLP crew consisted of Chaz, Bob, Chinny and Douglas who flew in.



The smiling round faced characters that vary in form have been coined their “LADS” for quite a while now. And with the bright Mannheim sun on their backs, the new TLP mural took shape in a unique landscape format so the lads could get their LADS some movement. Supported by the precision line work of Montana Cans and Markers , TLP took to the stage for an 8 day, 4 person painting session.

The London Police Mural Stadt.Wand.Kunst

“900 dogs by a chocolate factory” by the The London Police

Their finished product screams classic TLP iconography which they have become famous for. With a simple color way and some strong color contrast, Mannheim now has a genuine TLP mural to add to it’s long list of world famous mural artists that have visited and left their mark on the previously grey streetscape. Take a look at it here!




Photography by © Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans


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