The words ‘Limited Edition Can’, mean different things to different people. For some, the words carry limited weight and the color inside the can is what is most important. For others, it means a piece of art that will not be used for its normal function, but instead, becomes a marker of graffiti history. The new Montana BLACK Limited Edition #STAYSAFE can is just that. A cornerstone reminder of a period in the history of modern man that goes way beyond graffiti, urban art, or street art. Who knows what this period will be called in the historical documents of the future, but for now we know it as the Coronavirus. The symbol of the mask is something we will remember for generations to come. Not only a symbol of fear and the unknown, but also one of acceptance and protection. What started out as strange, quickly became the norm.

A reminder of a time we will never forget

Throughout this pandemic, every country in the world has seen the virus affect them in different ways. One thing that did find a home in many countries and across many cultures are the words, “STAY SAFE”. For the first time in the history of digital mankind, differences were set aside, weapons were put down, and concerns for the health of the whole planet and all its humans were put first. But where there is a will, there is also a way. Lockdown, for those lucky enough to still move around and leave their homes, also presented itself with a chance. An opportunity to make art, create, and go out painting as much as they could. In a time when the obligations and requirements of normal life, simply fell away. Even if for just for a small time. Graffiti is a virus unto itself and those infected with it didn’t let the sorrow of the world lock them down. Coronavirus time may be remembered as one of the most intense graffiti periods in history.

© Photography @Musa.Frames with 1UP CREW

Let’s hope we all learn whichever important lessons the virus was meant to teach us. Let’s hope we reflect on the time in lockdown with our families as special. Let’s hope the virus has taught us how to be careful, be grateful, and be humble for what we do and don’t have. Let’s hope we learned how to take care of each other, our friends, neighbors, and anyone in need. And above all, let’s hope we now know how to stay positive and calm in times when things around you seem far from that.

Filled with the world’s most used color black, the Limited Edition Montana BLACK #STAYSAFE edition will be in circulation for a limited period and supplied as the standard Montana BLACK 9001 Black color at the normal price. The Montana BLACK #STAYSAFE is a symbol of the importance of graffiti to those who practice it and the relevance of our art form globally. A positive symbol for the development style, art, and friendships. A sign that we are greater than any virus can ever be. See your local Montana Cans reseller for information and availability. NOTE: This is a limited edition can and cannot be ordered!

Photography by Edward Nightingale