We have all experienced it, hours of painting “in the zone”. Not a thought given to hydration. And then, when the finishing touches go on your work, it hits you. You are thirsty, cold and thirsty, or you wished you had brought a cup to get some water from the person painting next to you. Whether it’s a cold drink on a hot day, or a hot drink on a cold day, with the new Montana Cans Enamel Mug “TYPO LOGO”, you have a go-anywhere drinking vessel. The metal 80mm high with a radius of 95mm mug, is coated in a durable beige enamel that is stylishly embellished with decorative spray paint over-spray and the Montana Cans TYPO LOGO in the black and red colorway.

Time for a coffee break!

300ml of hot or cold liquid can be stored in this aesthetic, almost unbreakable mug that is cook-top, dishwasher and campfire-friendly. Weighing only 170gm (unfilled), its hand-made in Europe quality makes storage, transport, and use as easy as it is beautiful.

Visit your local Montana Cans reseller for more information and availability now.