The Montana Cotton Bag Donut Print series

New colors Whiteout BLK400 9150 and Ghetto BLK400 7320

The Montana Cans Cotton Bag range recently welcomed the DONUT PRINT series. The bags pay homage to the aesthetics and function of the printed color name on the much-loved Montana Cans color Donut on the top of most Montana cans.  Following the success of BLK400-5250 Knock Out Blue, BLK400-2093 Code Red, and BLK400-9001 Black, we now welcome the colors Whiteout BLK400 9150 and Ghetto BLK400 7320.

From the time it was released, the Montana Whiteout 9150 concreted its place as the highest covering White around. Considering every color in the Montana BLACK range offers superior coverage for the graffiti user, the Whiteout formula had big shoes to fill which it seemed to have filled with success and made using white even more fun and full of impact than ever before. Ghetto is a word synonymous with graffiti. Whether it be a place to paint, a state of mind, or the color gray that represents the concrete jungle that ghettos usually are. The color Ghetto BLK400 7320 represents a gray tone that stands for coverage, tonal variation within the strong gray tone range, and warmth. Regardless of what it’s used on.

Still helping you transport your belongings from A to B

The Montana Cotton Bag Donut Print series

With credentials like these, it is no wonder that Ghetto and Whiteout colors have now found their way into the Montana Cotton Bag DONUT PRINT series. The Ghetto bag features a neutral white print centrally placed on the Ghetto colored cotton bag, the Whiteout features a dynamic black print on a white cotton bag base. Both are in the familiar 38 x 42cm sizing made of high-quality 100% cotton that’s lightweight and sturdy.

The donut revolution

The donut ring revolutionized the look of Montana Cans and decreased the environmental impact of the modern spray can substantially. With this little idea, a big follow-on effect took place with the reduction of plastic, reduction of needed packing material, and increased packing space taken up by unnecessary lids. All that while improving the ease and accuracy of identifying the color content in the can.

The Montana Cotton Bag’s Ghetto and Whiteout are collector’s items in the making. Visit your local Montana Cans reseller now for availability while stocks last.