Although the UK is not renowned for being hot. The London Graffiti scene is. And one of the current artists at the forefront of the heat is VOYDER, master of illusion.In a recent challenge to see how far VOYDER could take a concept, we thought we would put two products in his hands and see what comes out on the other side. And one of those products was the Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors. See the painting captured on film here.


Keeping things transparent on the streets

It is probably wise to reiterate, that VOYDER’s work is often based on the mastery of illusion. So as with his interpretation of the Montana MARBLE EFFECT cans, his idea started off with some trial and error VOYDER tags in various Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors. But this was just the beginning.  Step by step the concept evolved and as you can imagine, the final image also ended up on a much larger scale too. Calling in some help from some of his other favorites from the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK color ranges, VOYDER set out to re-produce the chosen Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT tag into a mural-sized multi-facetted artwork. Each layer drawing us deeper into the illusion. Each layer being polished with cleverly placed hints of the TRANSPARENT colors.
With an amazing end result, VOYDER manages to capture the attention of any viewer. Not to mention plant the seed for ideas to others, waiting to get their hands on the Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT range as well.
All images by MONTANA-CANS / Jordan Katz