Weekends are sacred, that is if you don’t have to work on them. And there is nothing better than rolling through a lazy Sunday afternoon with a kit full of Montana BLACK’s, and cold beverage in hand. At least that’s how they do it in Prague. The Czech Republic is no stranger to graffiti culture. The city of Prague has been a graffiti stronghold in the region for as long as kids could hold spray cans. But on Sunday the 20th or September, it was a special occasion at the Těšnov Hall of Fame.

Spraying through the weekend in Prague

For all involved, it wasn’t only about emptying some cans and showing your style. There was the mandatory saying hello to friends, but thanks to the support of Grafficon Shop and Montana Cans, Montana BLACK’s were sold at 2/3 of the normal price to attendees, and beers were chilled, and at the ready.

In a time where the world is so obsessed with washing their hands, the locals enjoyed the chance to get theirs dirty and doing some impressive graffiti style writing at the same time. Check out our image gallery to see what the day offered here.