Although climate change has meant more sun exposure than ever before, these days wearing a hat is not just something you need to do for protection. Caps in all their shapes and sizes are not only a practical necessity for everyday life, but they are also a statement in style.

Montana 5-Panel Caps

Essential headwear for all seasons

The new Montana 5-Panel Caps ticks all the boxes. Stylish headwear that is comfortable while offering protection from the elements. Available in the traditional Montana TYPO LOGO design (in white font) on a black or blue cap, or the Sergey Shapiro STICK TAG design (in white font) on the timeless color, black, taped seams offer extra support and strength while the inner headbands absorb moisture for comfort.

Stylish headwear that is comfortable

A recognized stamp of quality

The #GERMANSPRAYPAINT hashtag, which is recognized as a stamp of quality can be found discretely woven on the back closure which is adjustable to facilitate almost every head size. The Montana 5-Panel Caps boast a contemporary cut that is unisex, and the ideal headwear solution for all seasons, for anybody, anywhere.

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