New Merch – the Montana BLACK Can and LOGO Pins

Montana BLACK, GOLD, or WHITE cans – check. Montana gloves – check. Montana nozzles – check. Montana can bag – check. Montana BLACK Can and LOGO Pin – check! Whether you’re going painting or taking off your bag when you arrive at work, the Montana Cans Pin series has a pin for everyone. And hasn’t the pin game come a long way since the release of the first Montana Cans pins. The enjoyment of embellishing bags and belongings with cool pins has proven to be a pastime enjoyed by Montana Cans supporters everywhere. Making it an absolute pleasure to announce the release of the new Montana BLACK Can and LOGO pins for every savvy merch and pin collector.

Small, affordable, collectible

Fitted with two fasteners for secure attachment and made of high-quality soft enamel for long-lasting vibrance, the Montana BLACK Can and LOGO pins are available separately. The Montana BLACK Can and LOGO pins are able to be attached to clothes, jackets, bags, or any soft material surfaces for the personalization of various belongings both functional and aesthetic. So don’t leave home without them.

Visit your local Montana Cans re-seller for more information and availability