All in all, it’s just another BLACK can on the WALL

The new Montana BLACK 400ml can box design has just landed featuring the new BLACK WALL and Montana BLACK can design by German artist SUPERSPRAY. It’s better to quit while you are on top, or at least that could be said for the iconic design by Lugosis, which is now slowly selling through. A job well done for this clever and humorous design which gave a unique face to the much loved Montana BLACK 400mk 6-pack. His recognizable BLACK WALL design with a little BLACK can twist. 

The new design by SUPERSPRAY, continues with the quirky humorous thread as it gives his recognizable BLACK WALL design (as seen on the Montana Cotton Bags) and gives it a little BLACK can twist. The newly added Montana BLACK can sparkles with an air of importance, and just the right amount of charm to put a grin on the faces of those opening the box. All in all, it’s just another BLACK can on the WALL. Naturally, all the required information is still visible on the box so they are still as functional as ever. Keep your eyes open next time you stock up on paint and see if the SUPERSPRAY is now available near you.