The Montana Cans Cotton Bag series has earned its place as a range of quality practical bags that are embellished with some of the freshest designs on the street, making them as collectible as the artwork itself. This time around, the German graffiti artists SUPERSPRAY and Malaysian graffiti artist CLOAKWORK have picked up where previous artists left off with the new “BRICK BLACK” and  “ALWAYS PREPARED” designs.​

Cotton Bag Brick BLACK wall

Over recent times, we have watched as German artist SUPERSPRAY has left us in a daze with his seemingly un-endless array of styles. Some traditional, and others, very left of center and proud of it. With various other names like RIPS and HOT DOG, you could almost think that the works are done by different people. And a lot of his artworks all play out on the iconic graffiti painting surface, the brick wall. Introducing the new Montana Cotton bag design “Brick BLACK” wall. In another “why didn’t I think of that” moment, SUPERSPRAY brings our focus back to the essentials. The Montana BLACK spray cans, and the much loved and often needed, brick wall. Without a surface to land on, spray paint is just mist in the air.

This striking double-sided design in white features an untouched wall on one side, and an illustration of double-handed Montana BLACK can painting action over the backdrop of the same wall, on the other side. Printed on the traditional 38 x 42cm black, high-quality 100% cotton bag, the “Brick BLACK” wall design pays homage to the bricks we so often take for granted. We thought the design is so clever and sublime, it has been chosen as the new feature image for the Montana BLACK can cartons. Keep your eyes peeled when buying your next six-pack of Montana BLACK Cans as stock turns and the new designs come into circulation.

Cotton Bag Always Prepared

The Malaysian artist CLOAKWORK is a proud representative of his city Kuala Lumpur. His go-anywhere, ready for anything attitude is exactly what has taken his artwork from the streets of Malaysia to the street art and graffiti audiences of the world. His strong sense of color use, his ability to use humor, and his technical skills with Montana BLACK or GOLD cans have opened doors to some rewarding and creative ventures. Possibly because he is “Always Prepared”. It is with this spirit in mind that the design for the new Montana Cans Cotton bag “Always Prepared” has come about. “Always Prepared” is the first of two designs by CLOAKWORK for the Montana Cotton Bag range, that captures the essence of CLOAKWORK’s wit, ability, and style.

The “Always Prepared” design takes the popular culture product of the baseball cap with drink cans attached to either side and gives it a new Montana BLACK makeover. The image in green print is placed on a 38 x 42cm white, high-quality 100% cotton bag, suggesting that we should always be ready for anything. Be prepared for those unexpected possibilities and transport your belongings securely and in style

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