Montana Typo-Logo+Stars Cotton Bag – White

You loved it in Natural and in Black. Now, we would like to welcome the latest addition to the Montana TYPO LOGO Cotton Bag series. The Montana TYPO LOGO Cotton Bag in WHITE. These Montana Cotton Bags make carrying all your most valuable materials like cans, markers, black books, or even shopping a breeze. Not to mention, with style. The 100% cotton bags are 38cm x 42cm. There is ample space, and the high quality of the 100% cotton is sturdy enough to carry light or heavy goods. An excellent alternative to plastic or non-natural materials, the much-loved Montana TYPO LOGO Bag design and some perfectly placed paint splatters are carefully placed on both sides of each bag. The new colorway of WHITE with Black print as eye-catching and as impressive as its forerunners. Not forgetting a little touch of color by way of the original MONTANA logo in a vibrant green.

Montana Cotton Bags by LAIA

Born and raised in the Spanish city of Barcelona, a then 14-year-old LAIA started her pursuit for graffiti development alone. No crew, no backup, and only armed with some marking implements and drive for creativity. A lot has changed since that time in 1999, but not her love of graffiti and her ability to make non-aggressive graffiti look fresh.These days she is armed with Montana BLACK and GOLD cans and her drive is still to make us laugh and smile, while she has fun with her graffiti and artwork.

THANK YOU“. If your parents brought you up well then you are no stranger to these two words. Now, thanks to Spanish graffiti artist LAIA, you can show your appreciation without even needing to speak with the new “THANK YOU” Montana Cotton Bag design. “TAKE AWAY“. Everyone has something to take away, whether it be some Montana ACRYLIC markers, Montana cans, or just the milk for their coffee. With the “TAKE AWAY” design, LAIA takes a daily occurrence and gives it a fresh new graffiti face. To get your limited edition “TAKE AWAY”, yellow print on black Montana Cotton Bag featuring LAIA, visit your local Montana Cans reseller now for availability while stocks last.

Catch a nod from those ‘in the know’ when you transport your valuables in style. Visit your local Montana Cans reseller now for availability while stocks last!