“STREET LIFE” Cotton Bag by FORMULA 76

Formula 76 the Hamburg based graffiti artist, illustrator and tattoo artist is a familiar name for most international graffiti lovers. And more recently lovers of very cool tattoo’s. As a member of the Ultra Boys crew and former feature artist for the 5th Montana BLACK limited edition artist can, he is extremely apt at bringing together the elements of graffiti and streets to create artwork that is both clever and humorous. This is why he was a logical selection for the latest release of the Montana Limited Edition Cotton Bag series. The bags don’t just offer environmentally friendly solutions to help you carry your cans, markers, blackbooks and shopping. With a long list of world respected feature artists, they have also become pieces of collectable art as each design is made in limited quantities.

Montana Cotton Bags - STREET LIFE

For his attribution to the series, FORMULA 76 came up with the “STREET LIFE” design. The design has been released in two versions which are printed on both sides. One version is on black cotton (printed in white). The other is the reverse on white cotton (printed in black). FORM had no problems turning the 38cm x 42cm, 100% cotton substrate into one of his graffiti flavored, must have street smart designs. His depicted figure lays lazily, spray can in hand on a hammock hung over a street, between a traffic light and a street sign. Thats “STREET LIFE” for you

Montana Logo Cotton Bag Stars Edition

We would like to welcome the latest addition to the Montana Cotton Bag series, the Montana Typo Logo edition. This Montana Cotton Bag series make carrying all your most valuable materials like cans, markers, blackbooks or even shopping a breeze. Not to mention with style. The 100% cotton bags are 38cm x 42cm. There is ample space and the high quality 100% cotton is sturdy enough to carry light, or heavy goods. An excellent alternative to plastic or non natural materials, the much loved Montana Typo Logo design and some perfectly placed paint splatters are carefully placed on both sides of each bag.

Montana Cotton Bags - Typo-Logo+Stars

The design comes in two possible color ways. Black with white print with black print. Not forgetting a little touch of color. Catch a nod from those in the know when you transport your valuables in style.

Visit your local Montana Cans reseller now for availability while stocks last.


Photography by Danny Schreiber/MONTANA-CANS