The Montana EMPTY MARKER has earned its place as a much-loved durable marker range with various sizes to choose from. There is almost no limit to the possibilities this marker range offer to its users, giving them an unfair advantage over the competition to stay on top of the mark-making game.

A mark maker for all occasions

All the more reason to introduce the new Montana EMPTY MARKER 8MM CHISEL TIP, which is a shorter bodied hybrid of the pre-existing markers in the range. The EMPTY MARKER 8MM CHISEL TIP is just as functional and hard-wearing as its longer-bodied EMPTY MARKER colleagues. The optimized valve system for the best possible flow control leads this refillable marker body, which is loaded with a synthetic heavy-duty 8mm chisel formed tip, to catch even the hardest of spots or surfaces.

Catch the hardest spots and surfaces

14ml of liquid ink is easily stowed in the shorter, easier to conceal, marker body, making the Montana BOLD 200ml Refill ultra marking ink an ideal partner in combination, as well as all Montana inks and paints. Also available, 8MM replacement tips and packs of 2, for a guaranteed long-lasting career in the game. Go colorful or keep it BOLD and black. But most of all, keep it discrete!

The Montana EMPTY Markers are also available as long-bodied 8mm/ 2mm round, 10mm/ 3mm chisel, 15mm standard, and 10mm crusher. A mark maker for all occasions. The Montana EMPTY MARKER 8MM CHISEL TIP, Highest quality manufacturing – MADE IN GERMANY​