It has been a while now since the Coronavirus has entered our lives and forced change. For how long and to which ends, no one knows. But one thing we are sure of is that wearing a face mask not only protects ourselves from contracting it but also helps prevent the infection from spreading thus, protecting those around us. Please note: Only for sale in the European Union. Not fit for Medical use!

#staysafe #spraysafe

The new Montana Face Mask is the ideal apparel for viral times. This 2-ply face mask made of 100% recycled microfibre is loaded with adjustable elastic bands making it a perfect fit for all. It is machine washable at 60 or 90 degrees Celsius, so you can give it heavy use if required. The black mask is covered with the stylized paint drip design and the now-iconic hashtags, #staysafe, #spraysafe so you can look impressive in unimpressive times. To ensure hygiene, the Montana Face Mask is supplied in airtight individually sealed packaging for quality and cleanliness.

There is no point wasting energy on where the virus came from, or when it will go? All you can do is protect yourself now with the new Montana Face Mask. Go and visit your nearest Montana Cans re-seller for availability. 

(*Only for sale in the European Union. Not fit for Medical use!)