One more reason why marble effect painting even more inspiring

The new Montana MARBLE 400ml color - PASTEL GREEN
The Montana Marble 400ml spray range has been the leader of its kind for a long time. By popular demand, we are happy to announce the release of the seventh color in the range, PASTEL GREEN. Over the years since its introduction, the MARBLE 400ml spray has worked its way into the palettes and tool kits of DIY’ers, Fine artists, Crafters, Graffiti Writers, and general creators the world over. Its performance and coverage are second to none which is why it is equally as comfortable being used on an upcycled piece of furniture, a craft object, a canvas in a gallery or ultra-modern graffiti masterpiece.
Whether it is used at far range, falling over a surface leaving an amazing organic marble effect, or if it is being fired up close with spiderweb-like super pattern. The MARBLE 400ml spray is a unique way to create marble-like marking that will impress even the toughest critic. For varied mark-making, don’t forget to reach for the Montana NEEDLE cap with its elegant sketchy output. Create sketch style marking on any surface big or small, in any season, and now even in PASTEL GREEN.

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