Dymanic new Marble Effect colors for endless possibilities

The Montana Cans MARBLE EFFECT spray has become a much loved and famous line, within the Montana Cans spray paint and EFFECT spray ranges. With a humble start in a small can featuring Black and Silver, the MARBLE EFFECT range grew to including MARBLE White. But it didn’t stop there. We are happy to announce the release of the new dynamic colors, MARBLE EFFECT spray Red and Blue.

The New Montana MARBLE EFFECT Colors Red & Blue


It is not only graffiti artists that know how to have fun with this can. Calligraphers, Calligraffiti writers, Hobbiests, Art & Crafters and DIYers all see the endless possibilities of this multifaceted spray. At close range the paint applies like a spiders web as it is spat out of the can in web like strands. Take your can back a little and watch as the strands seperate in mid-air landing on the substrate like organic natural marble texture.

The New Montana MARBLE EFFECT Colors Red & Blue

Also for the innovators, the MARBLE EFFECT sprays have a unique mark that can be incorporated perfectly into urban or fine art. Being compatible with other Montana Cans sprays when dry (like Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK), means never ending possibilities in regard to color combinations, or textures of your choice. Go see your local Montana Cans dealer now for availability and try them for yourself.

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