The new Montana PP Panel Bag Black

There are many occasions where it is unclear if your going to go big or small. Time is often guided by exterior influences so you need to be prepared and yet still mobile. The Montana PP Panel Bag-Black, is one of the newest members of the Montana Bag range. With those more time efficient adventures in mind, the PP Panel Bag fits between 10 to 14 x 400ml cans (Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD for instance), or if your going for size, how about taking 8 to 10 x 600ml cans or Montana ULTRA WIDE 10 x 750ml.

The perfect bag for those perfect spots

It doesn’t just look strong, it is strong! Made of durable PP material, endurance and stability is a given for just about every mission. It’s 36cm wide and 34cm high capacity means a practical transport even if not for creative tools. And for those in the know the Montana Typo Logo sits tastefully on the classic black finish, giving yet more possibilities for the bags duties in service. Don’t get caught out bringing not enough or lugging too much around. Go see your local Montana Cans dealer for availability now!

The new Montana PP Panel Bag – Black available now!