The introduction of the Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml can was an international #gamechanger. Never before and never since has another can come close to bumping this mega graffiti tool off its place at the top of the “big” ladder. With a spray output varying from 15cm to 60cm, the largest member of the Montana Cans family now has some new family members. By popular demand, we welcome the colors Kicking Yellow and Snow White to the ULTRA WIDE fold. Originating from and compatible with the same colors from the Montana BLACK 400ml can range, these colors will not disappoint!

The new Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml colors

Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml – International #Gamechanger

The new Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml colors

Welcome Kicking Yellow and Snow White

Whether you are an urban calligrapher, graffiti innovator, or simply trying to fill a large surface area with the least amount of effort, the Montana ULTRA WIDE has always had a place in the artistic tool kit. When shaken well, these cans offer the greatest amount of coverage over the largest amount of space. From a standing start, a potential 2m high vertical spray reach is second to none, so sometimes you can leave the ladders at home.

Also complimented by the unique ULTRA WIDE nozzle for maximum output, don’t forget to create your fire hydrant inspired marking by switching to the Montana ULTRA LINER cap for round mark making.  Now available in 8 colors including Kicking Yellow, Snow White, Silverchrome, Black, Red, Blue, Royal Purple, and Nappies.

Available in online stores soon!

action shots by Iseboyy