We have often watched as artists such as Case Maclaim, Ikaros and  Herakut dazzled us with the unique mark-making they achieve with the Montana Cans NEEDLE CAP. The dirty, sketchy lines that rendered all those many pieces, faces, hands and objects set viewers off into a world of amazement. Well, things just got even more interesting!

Even finer and more detailed

We welcome the arrival of the new Montana NEEDLE FINE LINER CAP (Purple). This little sibling to the original NEEDLE CAP (which is now called the NEEDLE MEDIUM LINER), is a purple needle cap that is even finer and more detailed than it’s bigger brother. With an average spray width of 2mm to 10mm (0,08″ to 0,39″)  it can allow artists to work on even smaller scales, or create effects that will allow larger images to have even greater depth of detail. Able to be applied to any female valved can means that the NEEDLE FINE LINER (Purple) is the ultimate partner for your Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK or your Montana WHITE cans. For the most precision and accuracy, try it on your half-used Montana GOLD cans.

With less pressure, you can achieve marks you thought never before possible. Watch this space in the future and see for yourself how diverse artists can work with this new member of the Montana Cans Cap family.