NEW BLACK INFRAs: Brighter – More opaque – Greater coverage

Since the creation of the current quality Montana BLACK range, the INFRA colors have always been high performing fluorescent colors in the eyes of graffiti artists the world over. Without fail, they delivered luminosity, coverage and handling. But that was not enough for us. We wanted them to be even better! And now we have achieved it. The new formula INFRA colors don’t just cover more surface area then before, they boast increased color vibrance and the same performance and handling that you know and love from the Montana BLACK range.

The Montana BLACK INFRA Fluorescent colors glow under incident UV-Light! Now available with an optimized formula!

The new Montana BLACK INFRA colors have even more opacity for better coverage and an increased color brilliance, making the colors even more intense. Cover a greater surface area in a shorter period of time. The new quality will release color by color and be marked by a temporary “NEW INFRA” icon on the can. After INFRA GREEN now INFRA ORANGE, followed by INFRA PINK, INFRA VIOLET, INFRA RED and INFRA YELLOW are available!

BLK IN 1000 Infra Yellow
Warning!! No need to look away or put on a safety vest. Montana BLACK Infra Yellow has got it covered and has everyone paying attention.

BLK IN 2000 Infra Orange
The night sky is full of luminous lights that shine brightly even without the obvious help of the sun. Take your artwork to another galaxy with Montana BLACK Infra Violet!

BLK IN 3000 Infra Red
It’s getting hot in here, but leave your clothes on as Montana BLACK Infra Red is bringing the heat. So hot it burns, making any graffiti artwork pop with vibrance.

BLK IN 4000 Infra Pink
The Pink Panther would have been jealous of the new quality Montana BLACK Infra Pink. As classy as a panther, this fluorescent is definitely an eye catcher.

BLK IN 4500 Infra Violet
If lavender fields of southern France could glow in the dark, they would probably be as intense as Montana BLACK Infra Violet on a white background.

BLK IN 6000 Infra Green
Take yourself back to those classic 80’s monster films, the Montana BLACK Infra Green’s intensity looks as toxic as any slime or goo that any of those monsters may have had dripping off them.At a touch of gool to your artwork.

Get ready for the NEW Montana BLACK INFRA color range.

“STANS” Series by STAN-NATS with the new Montana BLACK INFRAs

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