The European Union (EU) means many things to many people. Particularly the people who live within it like Spanish artist, Antonyo Marest. In the current times of the Coronavirus taking up so much of the world’s attention, issues like BREXIT, EU boundaries, and what it means to be European have all but disappeared. That is until Street Art comes along to help us focus on something positive, other than illness, doom, and gloom. In his recent mural “BEGIN THE BEGINNING“, Antonyo Marest joins 4 other artists from countries that form the outer limits of the EU and its heart.


The location of his mural, the Spanish city of Valencia, is not only an important location within graffiti culture, it also features as a reference point for international street art. Its famous fantastic weather conditions don’t exactly hurt this reputation either.

For Marest, the 300m2 mural serves as a bridge between the local neighborhoods like La Plata and Ad, which boast a culturally diverse array of residence both working class and upper class. Marest also communicates topics like union and harmony, while also looking forward to future values that he sees will have more weight than they do now, like equality, diversity, and profound respect for the environment, symbolized by his iconic palm leaves.

Regardless of the intellectual aims of the artwork, his use of vibrant colors create a visual rhythm, and above all often prompts a smile on the viewer’s face. A positive aftertaste that hopefully inspires each person to fight for a better future. A dream that inspires Antonyo Marest himself to keep making his art.

All images by the artist Antonyo Marest