Steffen Seeger collaborates with Wever & Ducré

The Berlin based artist Steffen Seeger is aware of the importance of light. The artists states, „The power of intuition leads to enlightenment“. As an artists that works almost solely with lines and the intuitive application thereof, light plays a weighty role in his choice of color (or lack thereof), and the positioning of his now famous multi-line artworks.

Up down and straight ahead by Steffen Seeger

Seeger believes that light flows through everything in a fine and invisible way. While saying this he turns and looks at his Berlin studio where light silently enters from every angle. His fine choice of line placement and confident use of black and white was an intriguing factor for Belgian lighting company, Wever & Ducré. The result of this interest was an invitation for Steffen Seeger to visit their offices in the picturesque Belgian city of  Kortrijk, to create a mural onsite that was to become the artwork for their current product catalogue. The second portion of the collaboration was to create live artwork in the form of multi-line drawings for the Wever & Ducré stand at the “Salon Dè Mobile” in Milano, Italy.



Like rays of light, for the outdoor catalogue artwork Seeger placed his lines flowing and intuitively like waves creating an energy field that was to be the basis of the artwork. With this linear landscape Seeger attempts to capture the current and universal energy of light. The artwork leaves a lot of room for interpretation which itself is the challenge the staff at Wever & Ducré tackle on a daily basis as they attempt to capture and work with such energies, to enhance and enlighten our everyday lives. The image of the artist walking past the artwork with his own typo design on top was chosen for the catalogue cover.

For the Salon Dé Mobile artwork, Seeger swapped from black to white lines, creating a worldy pattern that reverberated light in the highly manipulated indoor setting. Almost blurry in appearance, the stylized Wever & Ducré lighting seemed to harmonize the linear placement compliment the complete ambience.

„The power of intuition leads to enlightenment“

Steffen Seeger, Berlin-based Artist & Illustrator


The mural process was captured by photographer Lupi Spuma in Belgiam and Samuel Holzner in Milano, whom were amazed by the self made tools for simultaneous, multiple ACRYLIC marker use. The 30ml ACRYLIC marker and the many bottles of Shock Black and Shock White refill paint, lay at the ready for the artist to put into service. As a little bit of side information, Steffen Seeger was actually the artist whom helped design and create the ACRYLIC marker multi line tips. Originally he hand cut the standard marker tip, crudely inventing the multi line technique. Later refining and perfecting this approach with materials that came into being because of him.

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Photography by LUPI SPUMA & Samuel Holzner