The Arabic practice of calligraphy has a rich history that goes deep into the roots of Islamic culture. Based on the Arabic alphabet, it is also known as “khatt” or خط‎ in Arabic. Kufic is the oldest style of Arabic calligraphy and along with the practice of calligraphy as a whole has definitely benefited from the 2020 cultural celebrations of the “Year of Arabic Calligraphy”. Initiated by the Ministry of Culture, the mission was to support, display and develop all aspects of calligraphy. Whether on planes, in museums, or on walls.

The Dhad Store team paints a brighter Jeddah

And this is where the team from the “Dhad Store” in Jeddah comes into it. Brought in with a group of local contemporary graffiti and street artists, their job was to repaint one of many murals created during the celebration period. Noos 13, The Azee, Maz, and Pixie, all raised their Montana BLACK and GOLD cans through the heat and the excitement in the creation of the large-scale mural that boasted pole position visibility on one of Jeddah’s major roads.

Over an exhausting period that pushed through day and night, the guys pulled together a piece that does justice to calligraphy, graffiti style writing, and street art. Bridging a gap from the old and traditional, to the new and the urban. Take a look here to see how the mural was made.

All images by Dhad Store