The PangeaSeed Foundation just announced their latest print by Austrian artist Nychos for the Sea of Change series. The highlighted species of the recent edition is the threatened Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares). PangeaSeed Foundation’s mission is to harness the power of art, science, and creativity to generate awareness and stimulate dialogue to inspire and effect positive change surrounding global ocean environmental issues. THUNNUS ALBACARES by Nychos

“Thunnus Albacares” by Nychos, 18×24 inches on 100lbs cougar paper – 11 color screen print signed / numbered edition of 100.

“With it’s speed and beauty, the yellow fin tuna is the most interesting sea dweller for Nychos. This is why he chose to honor the species with a translucent portrayal for this fine art print release. Nychos is aware of andwatches critically as people continue to over-harvest the seas which directly harms the yellow fin tuna. The population of this beautiful fish, named after the bright color of its fins, is already in drastic decline. By collaborating with PangeaSeed Foundation, Nychos aims to bring attention to the endangerment of the THUNNUS ALBACARES – before it’s too late.” Nychos

Title: “Thunnus Albacares”



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About the Project

As Jacques Cousteau famously said, “People protect what they love.” – At PangeaSeed we strive to give people a reason to care and to become better stewards of the sea by bringing the oceans closer to people through the use of contemporary art and new media. Creativity is an incredibly powerful tool that can inspire individuals and communities across the globe, by providing a unifying voice that transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries. The word “Pangea” derives from ancient Greek meaning “entire earth.” It’s the concept of the super continent that was surrounded by a single vast ocean which existed over 250 million years ago, well before the current continents were separated into their now recognizable forms. Visit the website of PangeaSeed and get to know more. THUNNUS ALBACARES by Nychos