New work on the Bowery/ Houston wall, NYC

“We interrupt this program for a brief Intermission”. And this time the “INTERMISSION” is brought to you by none other then US artist Tristan Eaton on the Bowery/Houston wall in New York City, USA. The wall which has now become famous for it’s heavy weight mural work by artists at the top of their game has been given a reflective yet forward thinking face lift by Eaton. Tristan Eaton at Bowery Wall INTERMISSION

Again Eaton has managed the difficult task of bringing together ideas of pop culture, contemporary culture and everything in between.

A stunning patchwork of symbols, abstraction and color, INTERMISSION is an eye catcher to say the least. With a constant bombardment of stopping traffic trying to process all that they are seeing. With the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK delivering the color at the ready, the mural draws the attention of just about everyone. Even photographic icon Martha Cooper, who can’t resist a chance to be part of the documentation posse.

Hard work and a sense of humor gets Eaton to the finish line and the result is an amazing artwork there for all to see.


Photography by Martha Cooper