With over 23K instagram followers, the UK artist Voyder is not a well kept secret. Unlike many other artists though, there is not an excessive amount in social media to learn about him. Originating from Bristol in England, his work can be seen all over the planet and his name is not the only thing he knows how to paint. We were privileged to by-pass an electronic connection with him and get straight to a the nitty gritty. a 100 color piece! In recent times he has been increasingly interested in widening his color range. With a particular focus on achieving the smoothest fades he could.

UK based artist Voyder - 100 color piece

Never enough

Voyder – 100 color piece

Previous to this project, 36 colors were his record for colors used in one pice. But now with 100 colors from the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD line, he has well and truly broken his record and stretched his horizons. In his own words, “Using such a wide range of colors meant the transitions could be almost seamless, level 6, pink dots and outline caps to get those big dusty fades and tight crispy outlines.If only I could carry this much paint to every spot!” Take a moment to see the artwork for yourself and see if you can detect which color went where?

All images by the artist Voyder