Graffiti normally has a visually dominant place within the community. It’s no wonder writers often pick trains, train lines and prime street scapes, as part of their exhibiting spaces. But in the hearts of most graffiti creators, there is always room for a good abandon building. Even if no one will ever see it. UNSEEN PIECES Episode 09 STORM SKENAR73

Graffiti where it won’t be seen

The UNSEEN PIECES video series by SKENAR73 and NEKTAR explores just this. The romantic realm of the unseen. Which can also bring with it a more relaxed atmosphere in which to create away from gawking eyes. UNSEEN PIECES has now reached its nineth episode. This time the featured artwork is by STORM-HA and SKENAR73 himself. In a not too distant abandoned industrial site, the sun was shining and the Montana BLACK was covering raw concrete like it was white paper. With a beautiful balance between popping color, tone and raw building material, STORM rolled out with a geometrically inspired piece while SKENAR complimented with some more traditional lettering. With carefully chosen greys the works seemed right at home on an otherwise almost untouched concrete wall.

Take a moment to soak it in here.


UNSEEN PIECES is an online graffiti video series by Skenar73 and Nektar. It gives you an insight into stylewriting of lost and forgotten places. The intension is to share unseen graffiti pieces with the online community. The two artists Skenar73 and Nektar take you to see some of the most interesting places they discover. So they help you to see places you would never get the chance to see in real life. The videos bring lost places, their special atmosphere and some fine pieces of art to the crowd.