To many people, the aim of the graffiti game is to get up and be seen in the spots with the heaviest traffic. But to some, ambience, feeling and silence is just as important in creating their artwork as the end result itself. With the rise in interest in urban exploring, for some lucky artists there is a new chance to find unseen spots that offer amazing spaces to create. Without all the traffic. Skenar73 and Nektar have focused on just that. Their video series UNSEEN PIECES gives viewers an insight into the lost and forgotten places of their world. Regardless of where you are, as an online community you can share the mood and see the artworks come to life as Skenar73 and Nektar empty their Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans, leaving behind a trail of artwork and color for possibly no one to find. UNSEEN PIECES X SKENAR73 Episode 8

Style writing in lost and forgotten places

Soak up their atmosphere here.

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