Putting climate change insight

As with many tunnels and underpasses leading pedestrians and cyclists below the busy roads and railway corridors above them, these walls are often not just holding up what is above. These walls are also living spaces that the communities who use them are aware of each time they pass through. The perfect place for public art. 

These walls are often not just holding up what is above

In the city of Konstanz, the walls of the Marktstätten-Unterführung (or Market place underpass) which have recently been renovated, were hot on the radar of Emin Hasirci (aka RUSL Love Letters) artist, graffiti artist, communication designer, and founder/director of Designstudio Eminent. From May 5th till 8th 2022, the Urban Art Galerie Konstanz took shape in the first of two events featuring the creation of 5 large-scale wooden panels that were painted and installed as part of the new-look underpass. In total 6 artists worked on the project to create the 5 murals. The artists included CAROLIN KAISER, MARC C. WOEHR, CHRISTIAN KRÄMERMARIJA AMBEZEVICIUTE, FABIAN FLORIN, EMIN HASIRCI.

Konstanz is a climate-conscious city

With titles like “Act Now!”, there was no denying that the city of Konstanz is a climate-conscious city, which was fitting as the mission of the Urban Art Galerie was to increase awareness and preventative action of climate change. Works of varying techniques and approaches embellished the tunnels as brushes, masking tape, Montana BLACK, and GOLD cans, all did their part to illuminate the abstract, figurative, realistic, and above all impressive works. The second round of murals is set to be created in September bringing with it another series of artistic approaches and responses. The project that spawned from the success of Hasirci’s “Signals Under Traffic” project that took place 6 years ago is taking the quality of public art in underpasses to a whole new level. We look forward to seeing round 2 in September.

Photography by Philipp Uricher