In a recent post, the Montana Cans blog we shared how Portuguese artist Alex Farto aka (Vhils) was jack hammering his way for a good cause as part of the Splash and Burn. The cause being the recently discovered Tapanuli Orangutan which with numbers as low as 800 are on the brink of destruction. The Batang Toru forest of Tapanuli Highlands in Northern Sumatra is home to these beautiful and rare creatures. To bring the message out of the forest, Vhils chose an inner city location to bring the plight of the Orangutan’s to the consciousness of masses. If you ever wondered how a Vhils image takes form, her is a perfect example of how the artist combines building machinery with paint to create a permanent mark, while creating amazing art. See how the action captured on film here. Vhils x Splash and Burn Video Recap

Saving the Tapanuli Oragutan

Also check the making of pictures

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Alexandre Farto aka VHILS in Progress

Image Credit Skaiste Kazragyte