The natural look of rust

Although the onset of rust can be a sign of decay, weathering, or deterioration, it can also be a beautiful look of something being old and used. Sometimes, while being creative, there are moments when you wished mother nature could come in and lend you a hand to make something look as if it has been aged or used. But how is this possible when you’re using non oxidizing materials like wood, stone, ceramic, cardboard, pre primed synthetic materials such as foam, or canvas? It wasn’t possible, that is until now thanks to the Montana RUST Effect Spray 400ml.

In “How to use Montana RUST Effect Spray“, it is shown how this flexible product can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, bringing a different kind of life into objects and artworks that could otherwise not rust. Available in the colors Brown and Brown Orange, RUST EFFECT Spray can be applied as single colors or mixed into each other for a more organic rusty look. RUST Effect Spray 400ml is high covering and fast drying, enabling your creative process to travel at the speed you want it to. For best results, remember to pre prime your surfaces with the applicable Montana PRIMER Spray. Applications at 15cm from your objects surface can be recoated as desired after 2 minutes or more. After 24 hours, your project can be coated with other Montana Cans aerosol products, or finish with Montana VARNISH Matt Spray for extra protection.

New Montana RUST Effect 400ml

The Montana RUST Effect Spray 400ml are perfect for hobby, DIY, and other creative projects. Watch “How to use Montana RUST Effect Spray” for more information and inspiration or visit our help center for more Information.

Please note: Montana RUST Effect Spray 400ml is not compatible for use with Metallic or Chrome Effect spray colors!