Good Guy Boris with Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml

You may not have been familiar with Boris till recently. He has always been a little ahead of his time. But with the growth of his project “The Grifters”, the adaption of the statement “Freedom is not defined by safety” (not to mention a little jail time), Boris has probably started to beep dynamically on your creative radar. And it is with no surprise, he is a true artist, bold, probably a little insane and an all-round Good Guy.

“Because all I every wanted to do is graffiti,
and not only to write graffiti, but to live graffiti”

In his new creative venture, Boris explores the future of graffiti and the sound PFFFT . For that he needed the graffiti tool of the future, the Montana ULTRA WIDE can. With this marriage came the inception of film, ULTRA WIDE . Check it out here!



Images by BORIS from Bulgaria using the Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml can… #ultrawide #gamechanger #germanspraypaint #presidentboris