TEENAGE KICKS in Rennes, France – The 5th Wall Of Fame Biennial

In the north-western region of Rennes in France, the capital city of Brittany is more than just a prime example of medieval architecture. The city is also a cultural hot spot with many events, activities, and exhibitions that support and develop the arts on many levels. One of these events is the biennial Wall Of Fame event on the Boulevard du Colombier. Since 2013, 900 square meters of wall space have been receiving a new coat of paint and colors from graffiti artists and muralists from the local region and abroad. 

Complimented by bands, DJs, and the great outdoors, on the 11th and 12th of September 2021, TEENAGE KICKS gave residents and visitors a much-needed breath of fresh air, outside and without the covid restrictions and requirements for indoor events. As the sun passed over, the onlookers passed by on foot or by bike. Even the non-initiated felt the need to stop and take a look, the mandatory telephone photos as proof of what they had experienced that day. Some were oblivious to the significance of the international graffiti-style writing talent in front of them that all come together for this, the 5th edition of the biennial event. Graffiti style writing letter styles of all descriptions unfolded as the days rolled on. From the most readable public styles to ultra-technical wildstyle letters, all the way through to contemporary graffiti abstraction. A little something for everyone with many of the flavors European graffiti has to offer today. A welcome change from isolation and bad news, and a welcomed color upgrade to the local urban space. ​Something for the locals to be proud of long after the crowds had gone home.

This year, the Montana BLACK and GOLD cans were happily emptied by a star-studded line up of the followung European artists – make sure to check their profiles!

photography by ©Titouan Massé