Street Art leaves the city to beautify the country – Melbourne, New York, Berlin and Benalla.. The international street art festival map gets bigger and bigger. Thanks to some dedicated Australians, Benalla in Victoria is slowly creeping its way onto the global street art agenda. With an array of local and international artists (listed below), visiting the quaint country town in Victoria has become more of an adventure then ever before. With the backing of local government and curation by JUDDY ROLLER, Montana Cans has recently joined the list of supporters resulting in many Montana GOLD cans adding a touch of premium color for the artists demands. WALL TO WALL FESTIVAL 2018 BENALLA AUSTRALIA


With a female heavy list of talent, both the organisers and on lookers were impressed by the diverse artworks in all sizes and forms. Australian summer heat didn’t deter anyone and the proof is in the pudding. Take a look at what Claire Foxton, Lolo YS, Julian Clavijo, Anthony Lister, Paint By Numbers/ Kaff-eine, Cristen Brunner, Justine McAllister, Tim Bowtell, Shawn Lu, Kaff-eine, Callum Preston, Zenisis, Georgia Hill, George Rose, Leonard Slaw, Rosie Woods, Loretta Lizzio, Tom Gerrard, Elle, Skinny, Lisa King and Chris Henderson created here:


Final Murals

Juddy Roller and Wall to Wall Festival – Photographer by Nicole Reed