In 2017 we introduced the Danish artist PHEO to our audience. A true graffiti style writer with a Copenhagen touch, PHEO is not afraid of color. And he loves graffiti. In this article, we are updated by his most recent sprays. The year was 1990. No, we are not talking about the release of the Julia Roberts’s movie “Pretty Woman”. 1990 was the year that Danish writer PHEO found his calling and began his path down graffiti style writing.


Embracing the graffiti virus

The Copenhagen resident is a jewel in the crown of Danish graffiti. Influenced by the New York classics, PHEO always manages to pull together color, history, and style, in his own Northern European way. The confessed lover of graffiti tries to paint as much as he can. You could say it’s like a virus, compelling him to continually go back in and re-invent his own 4 letters. In search of that 4-letter perfection, he uncovers many variations and combinations using Montana BLACK cans as his tools of choice.

In part V (five) of his visual updates, we see how he has developed in 2020, the year of isolation. There is not the slightest sign of fear or restriction here, just inspiring graffiti all the way along. Hard work to make his BEA crew and CLICK comrades proud. Take a look here and prepare to be inspired.

All images by the artist PHEO