It has been a little while since we last paused to take a look at what was going on in the Danish capital Copenhagen. But each time we do, there is no looking past the skills of graffiti writer, PHEO. With a knack for color that would empty the shelves of their Montana BLACK cans in any graffiti store, PHEO has not let the outside world and all its restrictions stop him from delving deeper into his pilgrimage into graffiti style-writing.

Delving deeper into style

Since we last heard from him, there appears to have been no letting up on the pursuit of classic graffiti letter perfection, with countless challenging twists. Like 3d’s that forcefully go a different direction on a piece that otherwise, has an uncompromising flow in one direction. Or the unpredictable juxtaposition of rounded shapes with geometric ones. Nothing seems out of place even though everything is pushing to find a new place.

There are no boundaries in PHEO’s color spectrum, just confident placement of fills, fades, bubbles, and precision linework. In the tradition of Copenhagen graffiti, PHEO seems to have found his niche amongst the heavy hitters of the town he calls home. With his BEA and CLICK crew colleagues watching on, PHEO continues to push the boundaries and bring the levels of contemporary graffiti up as high as they can go. We look forward to the next time our inbox is full of colorful burners, but until then, let’s take some time to study the style of PHEO’s latest works here.

All images by the artist PHEO