A style update from Copenhagen

The Copenhagen style writer PHEO is not one to make excuses for his graffiti. He doesn’t need to. With strong roots in classic letter-based graffiti style writing, a prolific work ethic, and a great eye for color, PHEO’s progress is solid and consistent. Each piece brings with it a different look and new elements that constantly merge with those he has explored in the past. Constantly moving forward, PHEO’s style is like a locomotive en route to its unknown destination.

Progression through style

Seeing where that train is going is always a pleasure for the eyes, which is why this PHEO update is a welcomed pre-Christmas treat. Loaded with some of the freshest Montana BLACK color combinations around, and delivered in a graffiti flavor that the Danish capital Copenhagen is famous for, PHEO delivers us yet another series of new variations and developments on his strong graffiti foundation. Whether it is throw-ups, complicated semi-wild styles, or fun simple letters, there is always a PHEO stamp on them that is uniquely his. With a healthy dose of warm and cool colors, his Montana gloves on, and plenty of innovation, PHEO helps warm the European winter up with ease. Take a look for yourself at the eighth PHEO Wall Update.

A style that is uniquely his own

All images by the artist PHEO