For any lover of graffiti and classic letter writing, there really isn’t ever too much graffiti that you can look at from the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Or as it is called locally, København. A historical graffiti epicentre for letter development. Over the last years we have showcased Copenhagen native PHEO, who is exactly one of these writers that you just can’t get enough of. What he has been doing since the 80’s and with Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans for the last 20 odd years is a true example of Copenhagen flavor. WALL UPDATE GRAFFITI WRITER PHEO

An update from the walls of Copenhagen

Vibrant color, interconnecting styles that merge rounded with geometric letters and a perfect sense for where to put 3D, shadows or highlights. Not forgetting cleverly placed shines that make his letters pop! The phrase, “classic not plastic” comes to mind. With letters that are always dressed to impress. Sit back and enjoy here.

All images by the graffiti artist PHEO