It’s no secret anymore – if properly integrated, art definitely has the power to transform the scape of a city, filling it with live & colors. Residents, officials and enterprises alike have been recognizing this all around the world.
For the 4th year in a row, the Waterford Walls project has been transforming the look and feel of harbor city of Waterford in the South-East of Ireland. Over 50 international artists gathered, got their hands on some Montana Black and Gold and took to walls and spaces all around town. Check out what they came up with. Waterford Walls 2018

Artists Involved

Aches, Brian Brennan, Colin O’Neil, Dank Kitchener, Faunagraphic, James Kirwin, Mark Finn, Louis Masai, Mantra, Joe Caslin, Mr Cenz, Myne, Niall O’Lochlainn, Omin, Rask, Salt Worx, Signs of Power, Anna Doran, Caoilfhionn Hanton, Holly Pereira, Le Bas, Monkey Bird Crew, Kevin Bohan, Louise McKenna, Magda Karol, Lisa Murphy, Shuk, Shane O Driscoll, SonnySouth, Verz, Shane Sutton, Samer, Garreth Joyce, Lost Optics, AnimalitoLand, Rocket01, Fats Patrol, Gemma Aylward, Karen Hickey, Dan Leo, Peachzz & Novice

Final Murals