The German artist Falk Lehmann aka AKUT, has been an active and gainfully employed artist for the last 25 years. As the founding member of the MaClaim crew, and one half of the painting duo HERAKUT, he has been travelling the world making art and connecting to the artistic community for a great part of his life. What happens when all that comes to a grinding halt in one moment, and without any options to do things differently?

The recent legally required Corona virus isolation period did just that. The first two weeks of isolation presented themselves with an adventure, away from the normality of everyday living. However after this time, AKUT, a husband, prolific travelling artist and father of three, quickly added home-schooling teacher, cook, cleaner and time manager to his skill set.

Opening up the boundaries of creative isolation

His new found appreciation for the lost freedoms and possibilities he and his family had always enjoyed got him thinking. How are other artists coping with isolation? The project WE ARE ONE INFINITE, LIVING MIND (ISOLATED PART II) was born. And after a small reach-out via the internet to his worldwide artistic network, 37 pieces of short film were submitted all sharing the same concept. A small snippet from each artists studio lasting only 4 seconds, that would be stitched together in one artistic piece.

The response was overwhelming and upon reflection AKUT realized that we are one infinite, living mind. Even if that mind is not connected physically. A small eye-opener and an intimate look into some of the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK filled artist studios of the world. All separated by isolation, all interconnected by graffiti, fine art or general creativity. The beautiful work allows those still in isolation to travel out of their lonely realities, into the creative spaces of some of the worlds best. All from the comfort of your chair. Take a look at the studios of.


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