The Berlin based creators 44Flavours, have no limits when it comes to the materials they use to create. Otherwise known as Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle, the two artists have been actively collaborating since their school days in 2003. Bagge and Rölle know exactly how to find a balance between art and design, 2D and 3D, a graffiti heritage and a love for typography. In a recent work the artist use their abilities in wood and color to create three impressive artworks that also bring together communication with decoration.

Making of

See here how the process unfolded and the how each artwork came to life.


This way or that?

The first of the artworks “This way”, appears to be a cleverly created sign functionally assisting passers by to know which direction to go. The remaining two artworks are a blend of shapes and symbols that have been knowingly painted with some well chosen (and extremely well covering) Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans. Each layer of the work has been carefully cut out of plywood, that is then assembled three dimensionally. The artworks cast shadows and direct light from one surface to the other.


All images by the artist – 44flavours