For most of the Montana Cans audience, Tristan Eaton is not a name that needs clarification. A heavy weight in the international mural game, but also a prolific and successful artist in the studio. With exhibitions and work spread across the globe. For years Eaton has been impressing an general art making audience regardless of the context of his work, indoor or outdoor, aerosol or other. STUDIO WORK GRAFFITI ARTIST TRISTAN EATON

We took a few moments to go indoors behind the art exhibited publicly to look at some of his recent studio works. The visual diversity and the successful marriage of the multitude of image sources Eaton seems to combine is spellbinding. This never ending source of optical wonder is complimented by the integration and use of Montana GOLD. Bold colors, thought out composition and hidden meanings can bedazzle the viewer on a scale that is nothing like that of his huge mural work. But equally as impressive.

Take some time to look into the studio works of Tristan Eaton here:





Tristan will sell the ‘HORIZON BLUE ART PACK’ today on Friday May 19th and noon PST / 3pm EST on This release features 2 special items together: 1. Digital print on aluminum, framed, archival and signed by the artist. 2. Custom laser etched glass canister with signed, limited edition art can by Montana Cans, featuring the art of Tristan Eaton. Edition size: 30 (only 10 being released to the public). Dimensions: Framed metal print is 12.5” x 9.5” x 4.5”. Glass canister is 8” x 3.5″ Price: $500 + Shipping – SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL US ONLY!




Montana Black Artist Serie 10th By Tristan Eaton
The color of choice was the Montana BLACK, BLK 5070, Horizon. Bringing the can to life, Eaton has managed to tie in some of his trademark visual elements like faces, typography, line work, op art and image layering. Keeping the bar high, we are proud to have announced that this beautiful addition to the Montana BLACK Artists Series.

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