Known for the recurring motif of the TV test-image, Wow123 aka Markus Genesius tops off the Metropolink Festival in Heidelberg with a 120x6m mural. The mural shines through it’s complex use of graphic elements combined with different application techniques varying from roller paint, masked shapes and spray paint application. 

WOW123-4577 WOW123-4612 WOW123-4646 WOW123-4662 WOW123-4932
WOW123-4669 WOW123-4678 WOW123-4743 WOW123-4780 WOW123-4797 WOW123-4860 WOW123-4884 WOW123-4924 WOW123-4949 WOW123-4965WOW123-4991 WOW123-5095 WOW123-5154 WOW123-5181WOW123-5229 WOW123-5233 WOW123-5244 WOW123-5321 WOW123-5332 WOW123-5343WOW123-5352 WOW123-5362WOW123_COLLAGE_MG_9676

Photography by © MONTANA-CANS/ Manuel Wagner
WOW123 for METROPOLINK Festival Heidelberg