For German artist WOW123, no vacation is complete unless it is a spray action. And if you add New York allstar Wane C.O.D to the mix, and the Australian letter master Dmote, you have yourself an international line up of graffiti heritage. Whether it be the TATS CREW train, a traditional wall, or a classic New York truck. Dmote, Wane and Wow123, know how to turn plane, into insane. WOW123 WANE & DMOTE IN NEW YORK CITY


Every painting was a burner and would make any New Yorker, German or Aussie writer proud to say that these guys represent their country. Take a look here and be inspired yourself.

Three worlds unite

The Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans were shaken and at the ready. The artistic trio quickly gelled together creatively. Making all their trademark visual characteristics come together, the collaboration brought three continents, international graffiti communities and many years of graffiti experience together. The results were eye catching to say the least, and a treat for any graffiti, urban art or street art enthusiast.

Images by the artist WANE