A writers block can be fatal for the career of a professional writer, or author. That moment where your ideas fade and you have no idea which word to put down next. A graffiti artist however is another story. A writers block for a graffiti writer has a whole new meaning if the block you refer to is, the “WRITER’S BLOCK- Mural Festival“, in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Writers Block Mural Art Festival

Leeuwarden (NL) gets its block rocked!

This year WRITERS BLOCK displayed no sign of artists without ideas. To the contrary, the festival was not only fueled with Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans which themselves conjure up ideas and inspiration. It was also rampant with color, design, style and above all great ideas. All transfered from mear thoughts, to full color reality. And all on the block that is know as Leeuwarden.

The mega line up of international artists was too long for one breath. Ashop Crew(Canada), Etrsderetro – DNS Crew (058), Nash Graffiti (NL), Bart Bosmans (BE) @kennycookwell (unknown), Twitchcraft (Malta), FAKE (NL) #flyingfortress (DE), @Roy Schreuder , Twoone / Hiroyasu Tsuri (Japan) and Beun en Haas, all put in their best with positive results that are obvious to see. Take a look here for your own ride with the 2018 WRITERS BLOCK Mural Festival.